August 1, 2011



If you are at all like you me, you might occasionally yearn for more “new” Jay Reatard to hear adn get into and wishing the dude hadn’t croaked. Or, frequently yearn.

Luckily, there’s actually a lot more music to get into beyond his solo output from ‘06-‘09 in case you haven’t actually poked around much yet. Number 1 starting point for anyone should be the debut records from his first band The Reatards, a series of noisier and more raw but incredibly fresh and kinetic garage-punk. Less melodic than his late 00s solo records but—it might just be their newness to me, having only started to listen to them last year—I actually enjoy them more.

But beyond the Reatards records, Jay also was involved in a ton of other Memphis bands and put out lots of releases with many of them (see Grunnen Rocks for a handy list of these many bands/projects). Of these many projects, one that fans of recent Reatard solo might appreciate most are the recordings of his “synth-punk” group Lost Sounds.

The “synth-punk” label I think is actually pretty misleading, because most of these recordings play out to me exactly in the same spirit of late 00s Reatard solo (even down to hooks and composition**), only if Jay was accompanied by the Faint and with extra lead vox shared with a woman. Really really good stuff and worth checking out.

** - Minus one hilarious extended metal solo at the end of “We’re Just Living” that is almost laughable

DOWNLOAD: Lost Sounds, “I Get Nervous”, from Lost Sounds album.

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